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Counselling in Bishopsgate with Roger Mills

I am a counsellor working near Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate in the heart of the City of London. I have been offering counselling for over 20 years, practising as a therapist in London EC2 for over 10 years. I have experience of treating people with a range of different issues and problems:

• Stress and Anxiety
• Anger issues
• Building confidence
• Interpersonal difficulties with colleagues and friends
• Recurrent patterns of negative thinking
• Trauma
• Low mood and depression
• Problems in relationships

Practising as a therapist in EC2 people often come to me with issues related to their work in the City. I have developed a particular interest and expertise in counselling people with work related issues like stress and anxiety, difficulties with presentations and meetings, and having very challenging and difficult relationship with colleagues.

As you will see from the ‘About me’ section of this site I have trained as a counsellor in a number of different approaches. In my counselling work I always focus on finding the right approach, or combination of approaches, for you. In common with many practitioners a core idea behind my work as a therapist is that all clients are different, and it makes no sense to use a one-size-fits-all approach. So in my work as a counsellor I will always try to find the range of approaches that are best suited to your particular needs.

Many people, for example, find that the short term, strategy-focused techniques of CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) are ideal to help them resolve the difficulties they face. This type of therapy tends to be shorter term, typically between 8 and 12 sessions.

Other clients may feel that their problems are rooted in earlier parts of their lives, for example difficult relationships with their parents or problems at school. These difficult childhood experiences can get stuck in us in way which has a massive influence on how we think, feel and behave in our adult lives. For clients with these kind of deep rooted issues I tend to use Psychodynamic and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) approaches which allow a proper exploration of what has happened, and which allows the client to process and move on from the early issues that have influenced their lives. Whatever the issues you want to work on, whether it is stress and anxiety, anger or confidence, relationship problems or trauma I will try to find the right mix of approaches to help you successfully resolve your problems.

Counselling always starts with an assessment session allowing me to find out what it is that you want to work on. At this session we will discuss the best approaches for you and I will give you some idea of how many sessions I think you are likely to need. For more about the different approaches that I use see the ‘Services’ section of this site.

Fees and session times
I charge £80 for each 50 minute session.
Sessions can be arranged to take place at the same time every week. Alternatively we can arrange sessions at differing times if that works better for you.

I normally see clients for weekly sessions in my Bishopsgate counselling office for most of the duration of the work. However many people will move to fortnightly or even less frequent sessions as they are nearing the end of their counselling.

My counselling office is very close to Bishopsgate and Liverpool Steet Station. The address is:

Longcroft House
Victoria Avenue

Psychological thought for the week…..
In the last thought for the week we looked at the simple, but incredibly important idea that what you think drives how you feel. When people suffer from issues like anxiety or low mood there is always negative thinking behind these difficult emotions. And often the negative thoughts people experience are constant, even obsessive.
So what can we do about constantly recurring negative thoughts? The first step is to be able to recognize that you are in the grip of this kind of thinking. This might seem to be a no-brainer, but in fact many of us are capable of sinking into negative rumination without really realizing that we are doing it. So the place to start is by training yourself to spot when you have started to have negative thoughts. And once you have spotted it to decide to stop them.
Again this is easier said that done. When we suffer from anxious and negative thoughts we often actually want to dwell on them. We do this because we are hoping, in some part of our minds, that by turning the negative thoughts over and over we might find some new idea that provides us with relief or resolves the problem. But what almost no-one recognizes is that in having the negative thoughts, even if we are searching for solutions, we are actually causing the problem not solving it.
So the first step is recognizing when we are sunk into negative thoughts, and making the decision to stop them. The best way of stopping thoughts is to use a distraction technique. A strategy that I often show clients is a word game called the Vicar’s Cat. The game is simple. Say to yourself ‘The vicar’s cat is a ????? cat’ filling in the gap with an adjective beginning with the first letter of the alphabet. So you might get ‘The vicar’s cat is an affectionate cat’. Then move on to B – ‘The vicar’s cat is a beautiful cat’ and so on through the rest of the alphabet.
The game works because it requires concentration. First you have to remember what is the next letter of the alphabet. Pretty automatic for many people but it can take a bit of thinking about. Then you have to search your memory for an appropriate word requiring more concentration. The human mind can’t concentrate on two things at once so if you are focussed on the cat then you aren’t having any of the negative thoughts. Take yourself through the whole alphabet twice and you have distracted yourself effectively away from the thoughts that are driving your negative feelings. And if you can shut down the feelings then you mood will begin to change.

Roger Mills works as a counsellor in offices near Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate in the heart of the City of London. Roger has helped clients with many issues including Stress, Anxiety, Anger, Confidence, Relationship difficulties and Trauma. Roger has been practising as a therapist in EC2 for over 10 years.
As a counsellor working in the Liverpool Street and Bishopsgate area Roger has developed particular expertise in dealing with problems faced by city workers such as stress, anxiety about giving presentations and difficult relationships with colleagues

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