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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does counselling usually take?
This one is very difficult to answer. Clients with straightforward issues, that are only to do with their current lives, will likely only need a few sessions to resolve their problems. Clients with deeper rooted problems, that are rooted in childhood experiences are likely to need more sessions.

But will it take years?
Some types of therapy, such as psychoanalysis, can take many years. My aim is to help you resolve your issues as quickly as possible and I believe in using more targeted, strategic approaches to achieve that.

Will I get upset?
Most people come into counselling because there are issues that are distressing them at some level or other. Some people, though by no means all, may get upset at some point in their counselling work. But his is not a bad thing. Often the most important changes happen when we are allow ourselves to really access our painful feelings.

Will it make it difficult for me to function in my normal life?
Counselling is absolutely not about destabilising people. One of the most important aspects of my work, whether in short term or longer term counselling is to give clients effective coping strategies to enable them to deal with painful feelings and experiences. We would not move on to emotionally challenging work until you had effective ways of coping with difficult emotions in place.

Is counselling confidential?
All counsellors sign up to a code of ethics in which confidentiality is of fundamental importance. The only times when counsellors are allowed to breach confidentiality are if they feel the client is likely to harm themselves or other people, or if they are required by legal process to make disclosures. In any of these cases counsellors will discuss the breach of confidentiality with the client first.

What is the most effective approach to counselling?
There are a number of different approaches to counselling, and they all work for some people. What is important is to find the approach that suits you best. Another thing that is very important is that you feel comfortable with your counsellor. You will get a good idea of whether you feel you can open up easily with your counsellor in your first session.

Are you able to help everyone?
I have been working successfully for over 20 years and I am able to help most people. But not everyone. If I felt that the counselling was not working we would discuss this and think through the best options for you to move forward.

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